Sunday, 27 July 2008

Thrown out of a village fete!

Earlier this week mum heard about a fete in a local village so dad drove mum and me over yesterday afternoon. We parked up and entered the fete and it looked really cool - lots of people to say hello to :-)

All was going well for about the first 30 seconds until we were asked to leave! It was being held on some kind of sports pitch and dogs are banned! :-( Mum explained that she's a good mum and always picks up after me but it was still a no, so we had to leave the field :-( We then saw the woman going up to other dog owners and saying the same to them. Very disappointing :-(

Instead mum and dad drove to a lovely gardens that does cream teas and they even shared a little bit of their scones with me. I was a very good girl and lay on the cool floor in the shade while they ate. We had a walk by the river afterwards and then came home where I boinged around the garden with my brothers and sister when the heat had cooled down a bit.

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