Sunday, 6 July 2008

I won a photo comp!

Mum entered some dog photos into an online photo competition organised to raise money for a lab rescue.

One of the photos she entered was one Dad took of me when I was only 8-9 weeks old and it won the Cutest Pedigree Puppy class, how fab is that?

I do look *very* cute though, don't I?

Mum also won the Best Rescue class with a photo she took of Sweetie, an oldie my mum and dad adopted some years ago. I didn't get to meet her sadly but I know mum and dad loved her very much and still miss her. Sweetie led to mum getting involved in Oldies Club, a UK charity which rescues and rehomes older dogs.

Mum also won a few other rosettes in the comp, so she was very pleased :)

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