Monday, 28 July 2008

VIP (Very Important Petition)

Weird day here. Was lovely and sunny and we were all chilling in the garden and then suddenly it started raining and there was this strange noise, it sounded like a big heavy lorry but mum said it was called thunder! I'm not sure if I have heard thunder before.

One of my brothers didn't like it and tried to hide in silly places - like behind the tv, the fireplace and by the side of the oven. Mum had to put him in his crate for a bit to get him to calm down and stop him hurting himself. I was a brave girl and wanted to go out and play in it but mum said I had to wait.

Mum asked if I could tell you about a petition for compulsory microchipping - it's been set up by a group of schoolchildren and mum said it's great that children are working to try to help dogs.

You can read about the petition here - they have got lots of signatures but need LOTS more so please sign if you can and tell all your friends about it too.

Ooooh, we got new toys today. THREE new Air Kong dumbells to share. I love them and have played with my brother's ones since I outgrew my puppy versions, but I had chewed the fluff of them a bit and even chewed into the rubber so mum got some new ones for us. They are all lovely and shiny and new and yellow - mum said that won't last very long. I will get her to take some photos of me soon ... bye for now xxx

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Thrown out of a village fete!

Earlier this week mum heard about a fete in a local village so dad drove mum and me over yesterday afternoon. We parked up and entered the fete and it looked really cool - lots of people to say hello to :-)

All was going well for about the first 30 seconds until we were asked to leave! It was being held on some kind of sports pitch and dogs are banned! :-( Mum explained that she's a good mum and always picks up after me but it was still a no, so we had to leave the field :-( We then saw the woman going up to other dog owners and saying the same to them. Very disappointing :-(

Instead mum and dad drove to a lovely gardens that does cream teas and they even shared a little bit of their scones with me. I was a very good girl and lay on the cool floor in the shade while they ate. We had a walk by the river afterwards and then came home where I boinged around the garden with my brothers and sister when the heat had cooled down a bit.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

For my poor neglected Auntie

Mum said my special Auntie M wanted to see some more photos of me, so with the assistance of tuna cake, here are a few photos from today :)

Mum said I still have some growing to do but don't I look pretty?

Here I am with my big brother/namesake Mr Moo (AKA Max). He lets me steal his toys sometimes.

Here is he though, pretending he's not hiding a toy from me by sitting on it ...

Is she ever going to stop taking photos?


Friday, 18 July 2008

The Wrong Stairs

No photos but today mum and dad had to go to a meeting so we drove there, parked and had the meeting.

My poor mum had to carry me up the stairs to the meeting room as she said it was too much for my young legs. Only trouble is I am a lot bigger than I was!

I was a really good girl during the meeting and lay quietly on the floor - and then decided I'd be far too well behaved for a pup and so did the psycho dance at a few pigeons on the way back to the car afterwards.

Mum told dad and our friend to go on to the car park and we'd catch them up at the top of the stairs as she kept having to stop and start with me. We finally got to the stairs but dad wasn't there! So Muzzle (that's what I call mum) thought he'd forgotten and gone on ahead so carried me down the stairs to the car park.

No sign of dad! So she carried me all the way back up - and was not a happy mum at this point. If anyone saw a woman muttering to herself like a slightly mad woman and carrying a large lab pup round a car park it was probably us!

Eventually, after a phone call, she realised dad and friend had gone to the wrong stairs. Dad said he was at the right ones, but mum said our stairs were right as they took us to the pay meter and they were the stairs we usually used. I agree with mum. Nothing to do with the fact it's usually her that feeds me!

Anyway, we were all happily reunited and I think there will be some family jokes about the wrong stairs for some time.

Since there are no photos of the stairs, here's a photo of one of mum's cards instead - we have them in the garden but I am not as keen to chase them as I am the pigeons.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I have been doing some retrieving - well I *am* a retriever, right?

Mum said I was really good and gave me lots of praise and took some photos ...

I was a good girl and brought the toys back to mum and held them in my mouth until she took them.

Then I sat nicely while she threw the toy again. It was great fun - and I get praised for playing, how cool is that?

Monday, 14 July 2008

Oldies Club stall

Hello, yesterday I spent the afternoon at a dog show organised by the lovely family that fostered me for a week before I was adopted.

Mum was running a stall (see photo) for Oldies Club - she said they really need to find a rich person to send them lots of money to help the old dogs they look after.

Mum donated some of her cards to help raise some money and was really pleased that people liked them :)

It was a nice day and mum and dad said I was a perfectly behaved puppy (although I did eat a bit of sheep poo and make my poos green!)

We also met the lovely Wiggle from LRSEC (the same rescue I was adopted from) with his foster mum.

There was an aircraft display too and mum took some photos ...

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Mummy's Cards

My mum is starting a little greeting cards venture using some of her photos. Here's one of her cards, do you recognise that pretty face?

Here are a few more of her cards, I think she's clever :-)

Sunday, 6 July 2008

I won a photo comp!

Mum entered some dog photos into an online photo competition organised to raise money for a lab rescue.

One of the photos she entered was one Dad took of me when I was only 8-9 weeks old and it won the Cutest Pedigree Puppy class, how fab is that?

I do look *very* cute though, don't I?

Mum also won the Best Rescue class with a photo she took of Sweetie, an oldie my mum and dad adopted some years ago. I didn't get to meet her sadly but I know mum and dad loved her very much and still miss her. Sweetie led to mum getting involved in Oldies Club, a UK charity which rescues and rehomes older dogs.

Mum also won a few other rosettes in the comp, so she was very pleased :)

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Street Market

Mum and Dad took me to a street market. There was lots going on and I had fun sniffing all the new smells!

I met some very nice people who thought I was beautiful and well behaved - which mum says I am most of the time.

I posed with Dad for some photos. Doesn't he look thrilled to be there?!

Mum said at least I looked as though I was having fun ...

After the street market, mum took me to a health/well being event inside a hall and we walked around there for a bit while Dad went to the cake shop.

Mum visited a chocolate stall but didn't have enough change to buy any! Mum LOVES chocolate, especially nicely made dark chocolate, so she was a bit miffed but she is going to order some through the computer - how clever is that! I know dogs aren't allowed chocolate because it can make us really poorly, so I lay down nicely underneath the stall while mum was talking to the nice lady. Mum said the lady lives on a farm and makes chocolate for a living, which would be her perfect life!

Friday, 4 July 2008

A nicer kind of Bath

Today mum and dad said they were taking me to bath, I got a bit worried as I had a shower not long after I arrived and it wasn't overly fun!

I didn't need to worry though, it was Bath, a really nice city, that they took me to. I went with them to a business meeting and then we walked around Bath for a bit.

This is mum and me posing outside our new house.

Well ok, tis not really our house but Bath Abbey but a pup can dream, right?

If you notice any wonky photography, that was my dad's fault, although he'd only been on the coffee!

I luffs my mum :-)))

There's also an art exhibition or something in Bath, with different pigs around. Here's mum and me posing next to one of them.

There were lots of people in Bath, it's popular with tourists mum says, but I don't mind being in crowds at all. I got to say hello to some new people who all said I was very lovely. I think so too!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Six months today

I'm six months young now, wow, that feels really grown up.
Mum and dad took some comparison photos of me, to show how much I have changed.

Here are a few, the younger ones are from when I was eight weeks to around 2.5 months old and the older photos are from today. Mum and dad say I've grown quite a bit. I think they are right ...!